Project name: Drayton View

A collection of 12 ultra-contemporary structures, set within the gorgeous natural landscaping of #SouthDrayton with breath-taking views out over protected green land & the river #Wensum.

These mixed-use units are utterly unique, with an interesting story & project brief – the ultimate aim to form structures with multiple use options.

For the first 10 years of these #architectural marvels’ lives, 11 of these structures will operate as care facilities for patients with early-onset dementia, with the 12th unit operating as a management centre with hydrotherapy facilities. Upon the completion of this initial 10-year period, these units will be refurbished for continued use or converted into private 4-bedroom homes at a discounted price.

It’s rooftop sun decks, green roofs & integrated planting schemes also means that over 50% of the structure-built footprint is recovered as usable amenity space, thus offsetting the projects ecological & environmental impact.

To further reduce any impact, these structures are partially submerged within their landscape, utilising the earth’s natural insulating properties to drastically improve the structures’ #energy performance whilst also reducing the visual impact upon the natural environment.

Region: Norfolk
Gross Internal Area: 280m²
Lead Designer: Agora Architects
Architect: Ashley Broughton
Technologist: Richard Blurton
Structural Engineers: TBC
GIA: 12 Units Averaging 230- 250m2 Each – Total 3,775m2
Estimated Project Value: £10,000,000.00 +