The Smart Home

As the world becomes more focused on tech, we are seeing homes that are keeping up with the times, becoming more sophisticated in its technology and its automated offering. Its more expected for homes to serve us, instead of only providing us with living areas.


In a world where material items are cheaper and more easily accessible, many homes are taking a stand against becoming a prisoner to ‘stuff’ and are moving in the direction of simplicity and minimalism. We expect this trend to grow as more clients believe that less offers more.

A Focus on Kitchens

Kitchens are becoming the heart of the home – previously only serving as a single purpose space, clients are now giving kitchens a larger purpose than just food preparation. With trends growing in food, so kitchens are becoming more of a social area.

Going for different

The demand is growing for architects to provides services that re-adapt unusual and interesting structures into homes and commercial spaces. Clients are increasingly wanting their residences to be a discussion point and evoke shock reactions – so in 2020 we expect more quirky structures will be transformed into homes.